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The Future of Assessments

Turn assessment results into personalized Action
Plans. Encourage continuous development and
watch your people grow.

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Dashboard Manages Execution

The HRxPlan platform then oversees the execution
of an employee’s self-improvement action plan by
tracking the status of every recommended action.

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Features and Maximum Flexibility

The flexibility of the HRxPlan platform provides
for a wide array of custom configuration options
including “white labeling” options by third party
companies and SalesForce integration.

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Self-Improvement Action Plans

Using the output generated from taking an assessment,
the HRxPlan platform allows you to fully customize
self-improvement action plans for each individual.

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Update Action Plans On the Go

Always have your Action Plan at your finger tips.
Manage plans and update progress instantly with
the convenience of HRxPlan Mobile.

“Human Capital is the #1 Challenge Globally.”


What are you doing to maximize assessment ROI? How are you helping organizations leverage their most valuable asset — their people? And what about optimizing employee performance? Learn about HRxPlan, the newest tool that offers powerful dashboards, automated metrics and milestones, and unique Action Plans to give you the most flexible solution for investing in your people.


New strategies for market success change rapidly — have you been keeping up? Learn about the latest status of Human Capital, the newest strategies and tactics for optimized ROI, and the latest hurdles facing HR’s battle for maximizing workforce performance. Here you’ll find whitepapers, datasheets, and more for everything you need to know about Human Capital.


HRxPlan is about more than just Dashboards, technology, and Action Plans – it’s about creating a culture of continuous growth and development. HRxPlan starts with individual improvement, but its impact hits company wide. Check out these 10 reasons to find out why HRxPlan is important for your business.